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Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Towns - I Love Thee!

Atakokin, Ontario

This RV (residential vehicle) took off on the side of the road, just a few metres in front of me near Quetico park. As I proceeded on foot, I naturally came close to this conveyance, which had tagged on it "Canada Dream." The front end of it had some bodies stuck to it. Three people emerged from this rather spiffy looking vehicle. They are a support group for 26 cyclists moving across Canada. It is a program sponsored by Sears department store. In a few days, they will have completed 6000 kilometres, for the purpose of raising awareness for cancer. One of the supporters explained about the bodies in the front. "They are bugs that come from as far as British Columbia," she joked. I was as thrilled to meet the cyclist team, as they were with me. When I mentioned to them the purpose of my walk, that it was to raise awareness for the disease called ego, it seemed to resonate with them.
"You're doing this for a spiritual purpose, of course," said one of the fellows. "There are a lot of egos in this world," confirmed the other person.
"Some consciousness raising is necessary," I suggested.
They went on their way, and one other local person pulled over out of curiosity. I shared with him the mantra that accompanies me always. He classified himself as a hunter and a fisherman. The reason why he stopped was he was dying to know if I was for real. "Yes, I'm a monk." We talked, we shared. After he left, he turned around his truck to meet me one last time for one last comment wishing me well. Meat eating folks can be very decent people. They are currently in the majority, but in the future, perhaps the minority.
Little Falls, was an ideal spot for a dip in the water. It was also a great place for preparing a grainless meal to honour the Ekadasi, a fort-nightly day for soul healing. People kept coming and going to see the water wonder. And, in the course of it, they happened to stumble across Daruka, Billy the parrot, and myself. Michael, from the "Atakokin Observer," walked all the way from his work spot to see us. That was commendable. A great guy. And there were more. I will not be able to recall the number of people I met in this small town of three thousand. They were very easy to approach. They are very isolated, and were very taken by seeing something different - a monk.
Atakokin - I love thee!
Here is a quote from Socrates: "Unexamined life is not worth living."
28 Km
Billie takes over the driving
Meeting Cancer Fundraising cyclists support crew
The 'Walking Monk' with John from Wisconsin and the ex-mayor of Atikokan at the Atikokan Hotel
Stepahanie, owner of the Atikokan Hotel, (and her dog Sidney) making perogies

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