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Friday, September 21st, 2012

Madhavi, The Wind and the creek
Vita, Manitoba
Today’s walk goes to Madhavi, a gentle soul who finds herself in hospital for treatment. She played a role in one of the dramas I directed, “Sati”. She gave it her all. Now she needs some help and prayer. A mantra will do for calling on inner strength for her, Hare Krishna.
Regarding my trekking today, whatever physical strength carried me was fueled by the crispness in the air and then the gusty wind to follow. Doug, who’s 69, is a real trouper, fighting the wind just as I am. He put under his feet 24 Kms, and no complaints. At one point as he remained on the Highway, Highway 201, I paralleled his footsteps by walking the dried up creek running alongside the road. This location helped cut the wind and it gave me a new challenge. It reminded me somewhat of my blazing the trail in Israel last year – sand and rocks. It was uneven and rivaled the general prairie flatness. Incidentally this area, especially in the Piney municipality, we find some of the best water in the world. Rain, snow and the like filters through the sandy soil and leaves an incredible pure tasting water. According to Daruka, Donald Trump gets his water from the springs in this south eastern Manitoba region.
Doug and I walked through some Ukranian communities, including Sundown and Vita. Although a little human interaction occurred today, it was an Ojibwe person and an elder who slowed down their vehicle after noticing me for a second time on the road. Instantaneously he could comprehend our walking mission and the purpose behind it. He said confidently, “This is what my people have been doing for centuries. You see, we don’t really need these,” as he banged on the steering wheel. He implied that the automobile has spoiled his people and in general, the human race. Srila Prabhupada, our guru, was also highly critical of the car culture and other machinery invented. Since technology is what it is, and having an all pervasive presence in today’s world, then let it be utilized for the purpose of generating a spiritually based world.
Our day ended at the home of Leonard and Rameshni, who arrived originally from South Africa to Winnepeg some years back. We had delicious prasadam (food blessed by Krishna), it was tummy friendly. To really put the day to a full circle situation, Vrinda, the mother of hospital bound Madhavi, was also there to enjoy the prasadam with us.
30 Km

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