Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Monday, September 17th, 2012

 Inspired to walk the Camino
Pine Wood, Ontario
A letter came in from a Chris Andrews. Here it is:
You are awesome. Over the last five years, when I was told of a pilgrimage called the Camino Santiago, I often joked about doing it. That started to slowly change over the last five years, for I am starting to plan to do it likely in 2014 if I'm lucky.

I saw an article about you in my local newspaper, and I agree with your comment about being boxed up. I'm not a religious man,
but I would like some spiritual connection to this planet. I could go on all day about my reasons and choice for the Camino. It feels right to do what others have done for over a thousand years. It is safe. There is good infrastructure to support its pilgrims. I've also never been
overseas. The pilgrimage is starting to gain popularity again. Your efforts will be noticed. People are going to realize that we need to consume less and love more.
Safe journey!
Thank you Chris for the encouraging words.
I received in less words (and on the road) the same kind of kindness from an elderly gentleman who remembers me from 2003. He offered me juice and a congratulations. James, a drug councillor, also pulled over for more dialogue. The policy of give and take is always a real dialogue. It is reflective of a remark by sage Rupa Goswami who expressed in Sanskrit dadhati prati grhnati (give and receive).
Here's where the day got the greatest. At Little Beaver Cultural Centre in Fort Francis, Jenny had arranged, quite spontaneously, a gathering of people from her mailing list. It was a wonderful experience having people chant. But, earlier in the day we spent an equal amount of time at Jackie's home for the most casual interview for a newspaper. That was in Rainy River. Her opening question was, "What's it like living in a monastery?" The conversation took off from there. She and her daughter were so hospitable.
30 Km

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