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Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Consider That
Terrace Bay, Ont.
Daruka and I covered approximately 1400 Km easy. It was mostly by tire, partially by ferry over water, and fortunately for me I managed to put in 10 Km on foot. From Owen Sound to Terrace Bay we travelled in the land of Boreal forest.
When taking the two hour ferry, the Chi-Cheemaun, over Georgian Bay's waters, I took the opportunity to interact with passengers. A good percentage were from Europe - Germany, the U.K., Austria, and of course there were Canadians. The Europeans, in particular, expressed awe at the size of the space. To them, seeing that we have such vast wilderness at our disposal is an opulence; while they see it also poses some inconvenience. When asked, "What are you doing?" I expressed that I was in the middle of walking this huge space. It then sparked an interest in the culture of renunciation; not that they were ready to become monastic people, they appreciated the spirit behind it.
One couple, with their child, were going on a camping expedition. They were eager to hear about tips on how to contend with bears, since I have some camping experience. A fellow on the ferry, who is from the North, had a solution, "Use your shot-gun! There's too many bears any ways. They are a problem. They have to be under control, but the government stopped the bear hunt." Although he was protesting, he did so in a mild way. He's actually a nice guy.
Apparently, a doctor was recently killed by a bear, but people must know that such an incident is very rare. If we abide by the philosophy that every time a wild animal kills there should be an open-hunting season, then why not apply that to humans? In other words, every time a person murders another person, then should we make an injunction: kill all people? Maybe there's too many people. Consider that!
10 Km

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