Monday, 3 September 2012

Saturday, September 1st, 2012


Toronto, Ontario

Most of today's motion happened on a double-decker bus. Two of such conveyances were arranged for the reunionists, Krishna devotees, or the class of the 70's. We took a drive to 40 Beverly Street, a stately home still standing in the downtown and which was our first rented-home location as a centre for raising consciousness. The second drive took us to 187 Gerrard St. East, a house situated in the Cabbagetown section of Toronto, a vintage Irish community. Finally, the buses, packed with approximately 30 of us baby-boomers and just as many or more of the newer generation, made our way back to our current spot at 243 Avenue Rd., a former huge Methodist church.

To celebrate the history of accomplishment, the transition of moving to successive larger buildings (indicating our growth) as well as to reaffirm that we are still here, we chanted happily from the open-tops as we drove through the Saturday night crowd. The bar and cafe crowd received the mantras very well and they waved back reciprocally showing their approval.

Today was largely time spent in mingling with each other, telling of the old days when ISKCON was at the cutting edge of society in its promotion of virtually new concepts of mantra chanting, vegetarianism, reincarnation and so forth. Since the first appearance of Krishna Consciousness in 1969-70 in this city there have been incredible challenges to establish ourselves. It was only through the sincere and bold efforts of a creative and youthful bunch like this that we were bound to set root and to succeed.

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