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Thursday, September 20th, 2012

In God’s Wildness
Piney, Manitoba
“In God’s wildness lies the hope of the world – the great un-blighted, unredeemed wilderness.” - John Muir.
This is a quote I picked up yesterday when I read it from a picture depicting bison in the snow’s wonder. I found it so applicable to the feeling and belief that spurs me while viewing nature’s beauty around me.
Today off Highway 12, and then Highway 201 I have pine, tamarack, and poplars in the foreground of the dramatic sky of clouds. It’s awesome.
Doug, my walking partner for the day, and I, dove into a piece of that nature for a rest by the grassy side of the road. We knew that our lying there would attract some attention. We were genuinely tired. The prairie wind and coolness will do it to you. Concerned motorists pulled over to ask, “Is everything alright?” Then two Mounties, while off duty, stopped, flashed their badges and asked about our walking by the road.
Doug and I as part of our route hung a left and then an immediate right to take the most direct westerly road which is Highway 201. This is truly a shanti road, shanti meaning peaceful. We clocked it about 1 vehicle about every 20 minutes. That’s remote. As the day passed and night slipped in our venue, Our Lady of Perpetual Help church conducted an interfaith session in Winnipeg. Diverse faiths participated and presented their various moods and approaches to the absolute. One song was presented, “May The Good Lord Bless and Keep You”, and one stanza goes like this:
May you walk with sunlight shining,
And a bluebird in every tree
May there be a silver lining
Back of every cloud you see.
As guest of honour I was asked to come forward with a blessing for the group. I led all in a bhajan meant for protection from worldliness, greed, anger and excessive lust. We will appeal to God in the form of a divine magnanimous lion, Narasingha. The session was very participatory. All presenters at the occasion did splendid. The dialogue and the listening to each other is most healing and reassuring. I dedicated today’s trek to dear Godbrother, Yasomatinandan of Ahmadabad.
32 Km

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