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Monday, September 3rd, 2012

From the Gita
Owen Sound, Ontario
From the Gita, a group of us buckled down to learn the verse 5.18. It was done in a fun way. It had to be - half of us were kids!
The place was Harrison Park in Owen Sound - a town of 22, 000 and voted the number one place in the nation to retire. It's quiet, clean, low crime, no big industry, and there is natural beauty all around. Our group was in a gazebo near a water pond of black and white swans. After a chanting session, I felt it necessary to deliver some message of truth for everyone's sake.
In the verse, Krishna speaks about equal vision. Regardless of species, all living beings have an equal spirit. We all had a good time learning this verse. I suggested to the members of the rock band Rajasi, who were there, that why not take this cool message with it's catchy Sanskrit phrases and incorporate it into their next song. The idea was liked.

The outing at this park and other areas around, are a weekly feature for local familes. Rajesh, the local coordinator, plans to keep them going and hold indoor programs thoroughout the fall and winter. This type of activity, the drumming and chanting, and the picnic of prasada (blessed eatibles) is an ideal program for the people of the Earth. It involves everyone. The thirty of us and other "curiosos" huddled in a grouop, circled around Gaura who sang and played on his harmonium.

Owen Sound was a stopover for Daruka and I, who are taking a three day's pace as we drive to the head tip of Lake Superior to continue the walk that's so dear to us. It will then be a two-week trek to the Manitoba border, through bear, loon, rock and lake country. It is a sparsely human-populated area. Dash, rugged, raw and beautiful. Everything is there to remind you that this world is very dangerous and that there is a great diversity and oneness of spirit presided over by the Creator.
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