Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Down by the Riverside

Windsor, Ontario

A mother and son from Serbia, a jeweller and his family from Abudabi, a local female runner, a factory worker on his bike making his way home were among the people I interacted with today. I had been walking through the area of suburban, automobile madness. From Stoney Point to Bell River, Tecumseh, and finally relieved at Windsor along St. Claire Lake and River, water front property where cycling, walking and running do appear.

The weather has been subduing its intensity of heat. In the air, the back to school spirit has set in, and people are trying to eke out the last days of summer pleasure. My sister Roseanne has been a good walking companion and once again took some time off to be with her bro. The Chatham Daily news had captured both of us by photo and interview dealing with the topic of pilgrimage. One person who read the article told his wife of how he knew us personally as next door neighbors. Paul Caron was a farmer neighbor who, over fifty years ago befriended me when his parents took me in for a few weeks because mom had to spend time in the hospital. Since then, Paul went on to be a success in his career while I turned monk.

I was interviewed by Rob on an AM Radio, and the Windsor Star Newspaper rep Tyler bombed up and down the street trying to find me forever. I’m rather easy to spot with my robes, even though the sun has beaten the colour out of them in some areas.

I had inserted into the day a second instalment of trekking after visiting friends Tom and Betty. And, after the Patel's had cooked a powerful, dragon-spicy meal, I had to burn off some cells by moving the limbs once again on Riverside Drive. This truly divine stretch of walk culminated at the site of a gorgeous water fountain and Daruka took shots of it with the Detroit skyline in the background. It's odd because I was standing at the edge of a city in Canada, Windsor, and we were looking North at an American city. Check out a map and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

33 Km

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