Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Others Walking?
Mallorytown, Ontario

There’s a rumour going around that there’s another monk trekking across the land. A local person also talked about a nun who was conducting a solo walk in protest against nuclear power plants. If it’s true that there’s other renunciants out there with a cause I could perceive them as competitors, but no. If the numbers of spiritual walkers are on the rise then that’s good. In fact, that’s what I’m hoping to accomplish. Let’s see if we can meet these pilgrims if they are not fictitious characters.
Speaking of nuns, I did meet one in Brockville at the healing arts center on King Street, I conducted the 9 Devotions workshop. One person described herself as a nun with the Buddhists. She travels the world doing volunteer work and describes herself as a nun on the run without any order. She also explained that she travelled with the Dalai Lama and calls herself a Lamette.
Like the others who attended 9 Devotions, it was so well received. As a workshop goes, it’s participatory and interactive. People sang from their hearts and voluntarily began to dance. This type of activity is also a great break from the highway.
Truly, every day is exciting. Today my walking partner from Cuba, Jamuna Jivana and I were humbled by a Rottweiler. This four legged creature was tough. We could help but to see God in him in a vindictive way. Fortunately the owner spotted us in peril and called off the canine creature.
Also I saw my first pheasant ever coming from the wild. He was beautiful, and was attempting to cross the highway. But wise as he was, he turned right around and merged into the thick grasses. What you see on the road and what you hear and smell all becomes the adventure anticipated. It’s all the things that occur, big or small, that stack up to become an array of wonder. I’m happy to be out here, Krishna!
33 Km

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