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Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Krishna and the Rains

Mississauga, Ontario

The rains were welcome. Summer sun and humidity were becoming burdensome. I put to good use a full blown golf umbrella, a gift from a tattoo artist. The umbrella’s broad expanse got some attention today in addition to the robes underneath. The rain got me thinking of how it usually gets wet in India on the day of Janmastami, Krishna’s birthday. It was a good thought, thinking of India, especially anything to do with the spiritual side of India. I’ve never been there at this time of year during Krishna’s birth anniversary, but I’ve been told on this auspicious day the clouds usually burst with some water.

Going along Lakeshore Boulevard (also Highway 2) and after the dampness that fell stopped, a couple came out of their home to check out the sky and to take in the goodness of the freshness the rain left. I was on the other side of the road when one of them waved and the other (if I’m not mistaken) threw the index and middle finger to reveal a peace sign. I took it as a cue to run across and share my good feeling being that it’s Krishna’s Janmastami.

“Hi!” I said, “I just wanted to share the message that today’s special. It’s when Krishna was born.”

“Oh, yeah!” said the fellow, “We didn’t know, “ as if they should have known. The fellow was not new to our look. He said, “I used to interact with the Krishnas on Yonge Street.” He ran excitedly into the house and then brought to me a piece of material, colourful and Oriental. “Who’s this?” he asked, pointing to Buddha, so I told him who it was.

“He’s one of ten avatars, according to the ancient book.”

The couple was pleased to hear this. I continued, “According to one text, Krishna is the source of all avatars.” It seemed this couple really appreciated the Krishna vibes in the air. I moved on, but by car, through rain, visiting our Brampton centre and then the Toronto centre, witnessing hundreds of people coming to honour the day. Some observed the full day fast until the strike of midnight when Krishna was born.

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