Sunday, 19 August 2012

Friday, August 17th, 2012

War Sites

Themesville, Ontario

I began my trek today at the site of The Battle of Longwoods, 1814, an American militia attacked, killing and wounding British officers. Then, after some trekking I took a break at the site of Fairfield Village, a Moravian Community which is no longer, having been destroyed and left in flames. Remaining are the four cornerstones to the original house. Further on is the historic plaque of Chief Tecumseh who was killed here by the Long Knives (white men). He made alliance with the British, fought for his people and had a firm belief in the Great Spirit. I was born on the anniversary of his death, which was October 5th, 1813. I feel some connection there.

Here’s another connection. My sister, Roseanne, came to trek along side. A trooper she is; she tackled at least 20 Km. In many ways she’s a history buff like me. What else? She’s a loving sister, she’s vegetarian, and is a strong supporter of the Green Party. Time passed by in rapid speed in her company. I believe we covered more on the topic on the war of 1812 than the mini skirmishes in the household as we were growing up. We met Jim, her hubby, who dropped her off to join me. Sarah, the parapsychologist of yesterday, stopped to offer a gift, herbal tea leaves. She told of how in a dream some months ago, a voice told her, “Give tea leaves to the monk.”

We also met Sharon at the second hand store. “Boy, you’re a celebrity around here.” Maybe so. The honking and waving from motorists along the way demonstrated their approval. It was evident that CTV broadcast our pilgrimage story last night. To add to the attention, Allison from the Themesville Harold, came for an interview at Tecumseh’s monument.

The walk was great. People were in a greeting mood. My sis came out. The weather was perfect, 22 degrees Celcius. I had the supreme nap of my life on the grass under Roseanne’s massive black walnut tree. Om tat sat.

31 Km

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