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Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

He Looked After Me

Gananoque, Ontario

Jehovah looked after me. Fatigue hit me while on Highway 2. I took my beggars cloth and stretched it out onto the outdoor back stairs of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah. It was too early in the morning to imagine that parishioners would come to notice me. The 15 minute power nap did wonders. Thank you, Jehovah.
The area that I tread is going through a drought. Farmers are unhappy. The corn plants are tall but their yield will be meager because of lack of moisture. Meanwhile, just one kilometer south of me is a parallel highway, the 401, and also twinned to that is the 1000 Islands Parkway. People here view and play in the water to an optimum. The Saint Lawrence Seaway with its dotted islands draws multiple tourists. West of Brockville, Highway 2 leaves the waterside, but then eventually reunites with it at Juncture Point, the small city of Gananoque. According to Daruka, I was to walk into the office of the Gananoque Reporter, and meet with Amanda Smith for an interview. That did transpire.
“What was the strangest thing that ever happened to you in the course of one of your walks?” Amanda asked me.
I answered, “I met with a seductive lady on the road just the other day while Johnny Cash was singing on her car radio, ‘I keep a close watch on this heart of mine…’ I stuck to the words, walk the line (of dharma) and I kept in my heart the feeling for her soul, which felt a bit lost.” To Amanda I suggested, though the incident was a strange one, why not take one of my bear encounter stories to report about. Amanda admitted that my story of walking across the country is unique. Let’s see what becomes of the article in the paper which is a weekly.
A refreshing swim in the Saint Lawrence made Daruka and I and Jamuna fit for a change of pace. Let’s sit and sing in the home of a young couple who have opened their doors for us. Scott and Reena pulled out their sitar and tablas respectively while Nuno from Portugal and Prahlad from Hungary indulged with us our voices in singing the maha mantra. This was very melodious. Then suddenly the rains came. May the farmers be happy.
Jehovah and Krishna are one.
28 Km

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