Friday, 24 August 2012

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

To Imagine
Vancouver, British Columbia
I walked through an area where urban gardens are tended to, yet no one was there as it was dawn. I imagined the garden stewards at work, weeding and harvesting. I also walked through a children's playground with swings and other things but being 6 AM in the morning, there was no exuberance of kids present. Yet I imagined them there with excitement playing and having fun as kids do.
I strolled along past substantial blackberry patches, their hedges generous with fruit in abundance. Tempting as the berries were as they are sweet, organic and totally natural but I left them alone since I was chanting japa (mantra meditation) and I didn't care to be too distracted. I did momentarily imagine the taste as my mouth slightly watered. I was glad I restrained.
After the trekking, the chanting and the imagining I returned to the temple where I had started from, to partake in the sadhana and a delivery of the Bhagavatam on the topic of cheap spirituality, counterfeit gods and gurus because such was addressed in the day's verse. From there I spent hours with individuals and groups on hearing of achievements and challenges. I applied listening skills as best as I could. It was obvious there are numerous things to boast about and issues to give attention to.
I imagined once again, and with that imagination I pictured a harmonious world pivoted around the lotus feet of the Supreme. When having sat down after security check at the airport for an overnight flight to Toronto I had passed by a newstand. One of the top stories was about Jack Layton a popular politician who was remembered for having passed away one year ago. I did glance at the article since he's a friend of a friend of a friend of mine, truly! To honour him the article explained John Lennon's song "Imagine" was played at a memorial service. This endorsed the thought of letting the mind take its interesting course until it lands back to where it should.
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