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Sunday, August 5th, 2012

For Balance

Cobourg, Ontario

I feel like I’m in Europe, zipping through one town after another. There’s Brighton, Salem, Colborne, Wicklow, Grafton, Cobourg, all fairly closely spaced apart. In most of Canada there’s endless space. A country so vast with a mere 33 million residents (that’s the same number as demigods in the heavenly planets). My first encounter was a man who was extremely kind, he brought me juice. The dichotomy was that he couldn’t acknowledge a living God. It hurt the ears to hear him say cynically, “There is no God, no God ever did anything for anyone.” He was receptive though to a Buddhist mantra that he had learned and candidly he uttered it on the side of the road where we were both standing. I handed him a card reading the maha mantra, “Hare Krishna… “ He very much got fueled from seeing this saying, “The Beatles sang this!” I kept going down the road and time passed. A police officer by the name of Shawn pulled over. I was with Daruka at the time in Northumberland County when Officer Shawn thought it novel to get his picture with us which includes Daruka’s blue front Amazon bird, Billie Jean. We also thought it a cool idea. It’s great to have the Forces behind you.

Now here’s where good follow through pays off. Keeping contact with those you’ve met gives so much return. On a former trip to a destination, Daruka met an artist couple from the area, kept their name and number, knowing he and I would be going through their neighbourhood on Highway 2. The fruition to this simple and thoughtful anticipation matured. We paid our visit to the country home of Bruce, Sharon and family. Lovely people they are. Eileen, a friend of the family has been going through much internal pain since her son has been missing with no sign or trace. We chanted all together for his and the world’s overall well being. They are now our friends and we intend to keep connected.

Karen met Daruka and I at Victoria Park in Colborne for the local newspaper. “Why the walk?” is always the natural question. Answer: to encourage a more back to basics lifestyle; to encourage balance, it takes two feet to move in balance with each other.

To apply some TLC, tender loving care, to the body, Daruka and I adventurously left for Presqu’il Beach. We were under the sharp rain pellet while standing against the aggressive waves, both providing a therapeutic massage well needed. Speaking of Daruka, he appears to be the victim of circumstances again. This time when doing some work on his laptop outside, a swarm of wasps came on the attack targeting both knees. At least they were going for balance.

30 Km

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