Monday, 13 August 2012

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Surrender – With Intelligence

Branford, Ontario

After a late previous night’s celebration to honour the birth of Sri Krishna at the home of Subhihvilas and family in Richmond Hill, Daruka drove us in Flash Gordon speed to Hamilton for the kind stay over at the home of Visvakarma and Karana Karana.

What was grand about this weekend in particular was seeing two arch enemies (names not revealed) in an animosity that lasted for three decades, and that has now come to an almost complete annihilation. Time heals, age dissolves bitterness, hope prevails.

I began today’s trek from Hamilton’s downtown core, followed the old Highway 2, my amigo, and entered into the town of Ancaster. To accompany me was Vrajadhama, a bright faced, tall, Dutch Canadian who helped me pass the time swiftly. Company, good company, always puts one in a timeless zone. Vraja showed Daruka and I the best kept secrets of the area. The lush areas of waterfalls and creeks. Moreover, he showed his interest to serve Krishna and expressed how he wanted to help humanity. He told me of his future plans in sharing a life of devotion with super wife, Nityananda. They extended their warmth to us by opening up their home to us two pilgrims for the night. So now I entered the edge of Brantford, the home of hockey luminary Wayne Gretsky, and also stomping grounds of genius Alexander Graham Bell. Wouldn’t you know that my first major stop for the day was at a telephone booth, and there you’ll find a french fry stall, so common in the summer in rural edge of town Canada. The customer’s took great interest in the monk and Daruka’s parrot, both rare visitors to town. Evening hours caught us in an immersion of the Gita’s verse 7.17 wherein it is stated that a person in knowledge has a special advantage in the process of devotion. The venue was the home of the Patels in the city of Guelph where all who attended memorized the entire verse. The message was, “Surrender and do so with intelligence."

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