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Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Getting to the Point

Point Pelee Park, Ontario

Point Pelee Park is at the 22nd parallel on the same latitude with Rome and Barcelona. It is a unique place in Canada with species of plants like prickly pear cacti, tulip trees and critters common in the Carolinian forest. Migratory birds and butterflies like the monarch find this a favourite place to rest before flying over Provinces and States. The sand of the northwest beach became the asana, or seat, for our group from the city.

I read and spoke about Vidura, a character from the Mahabharat epic. He was wise and he left the palace to take a pilgrimage. His situation at home base, the palace in Hastinapura (now modern day Delhi), became unpalatable. Intrigue, jealousy and insults were lodged against him driving him out. He saw this as a catalyst to travel light and travel alone. To take such a journey, however, is not really done in solo. There is always the Great Creator as your companion, what to speak of God in the heart. Vidura eventually came home rejuvenated.

As the waves of Lake Erie folded over the shore continuously, our group was soaking in through the ears the rhythms of truth; it was beautiful. We trekked to the tip of Point Pelee, a thin peninsula where currents meet from east and west. A local woman identifying herself as a Buddhist came to me to release a self made joke, perhaps she was conjuring a Zen remark. She said, “There is a point and there is no point.” In any case, a friend was made indeed.

I must admit that I felt like Vidura who under the pressures of community needs decided not to get caught up in some of the disillusioned interactions that entangle us. I was content to spend a two day excursion with gentle people and to make new connections.

I want to thank Shashi and Rishi for organizing a great retreat for the weekend. We ended with a final dip in the lake. Thank God for water.

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