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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Toronto, Ontario


Thematic Parallel


These evenings, when not shooting footage for “Rolling the Dice” I’m enwrapped in compiling either one of two books. The Saffron Road is a publication that I’m hoping to have materialized soon. It’s an account of my walking ventures and I’m currently in the proofreading stage. Krishna in the Maple Leaf is also a work in progress, capturing the early pioneer years of the Hare Krishna’s in Canada.


In both books I’m running into a thematic parallel—gratitude. I’m very passionate about expressing thanks to those who deserve the sentiment. To clarify, I read a second time through about my travels on foot and I realized an inadequacy in The Saffron Road—I’m not featuring all my helpers and supporters enough.


“The epilogue can include that,” is being suggested. I’ll concur with that. It seems to be going in that direction anyway.


The point of appreciation is what I perceive to be a highlight in the Maple Leaf book too. Acknowledgment is as good as saying “Thanks!”


Appreciation must be a key factor in making life work for people in general. I won’t be happy even in the course of a day if I don’t recognize the effort made by someone. I don’t do it enough, in fact.


In these times of the Corona-virus, where people are incrementally becoming more fearful, suspicious and mistrusting, it is critical to express love.


May the source be with you!

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