Monday, 16 November 2020

Sunday, November 15th, 2020

243 Ave. Rd., Toronto


Not Inclined


I was not inclined to do any walking outside today for lack of favourable weather. Branches were flying. Winds were high. Pedestrians were low. I took to indoor walking via the inner balcony of our building. It is shaped like a horse-shoe, and from its view your eye can catch a piece of the outside through the western window. Quite stormy, but just a fraction of what Florida receives during hurricane season.


“By now every last leaf must be gone,” said Vallabha, from Croatia, in describing the power of the autumn wind. Vallabha is one of our crew.


Vallabha is a most animated person, off the set, and he has many things to say, however, they are helpful contributions to make before the camera rolls for our filming another scene from “Rolling the Dice.” The leafless trees had little to do with our indoor shooting. I always appreciate the reminder of nature’s presence, even when inside. Indeed, as I composed this very blog I could hear the wind howling like anything, outside another window from the eastern side of the building.


It certainly makes us appear insignificant when nature comes on strong and imposing. That is a good message, for sure. The reality is that we are puny in contrast to the world. Nature keeps us educated.


When I gave a class by phone to Cameron I could hear, not howls, but blasts of wind—gutsy and ghastly. We were looking at chapter 18 from The Gita, and dwelt on the five factors behind any action—the place, the performer, the senses, the endeavour and finally the Supersoul.


Lessons from nature and lessons from the book.


May the Source be with you!


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