Friday, 6 November 2020

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Toronto, Ontario


From Wet Mop to Snow


Today I was not going to move my legs in the usual fashion as a walker. Deliberating on the situation, I noticed one of our floors in the building required some TLC, and that was Govinda’s floor. That floor I tackled with a broom, dustpan and wet mop. My legs received a different stretch by executing the process. I had one hour’s time.


Being that it was Sunday, people came by for a viewing the deities and also the local swami, who happens to be in the building. Exchanges with some of these pilgrims were brief. They wore masks and we kept apart a suitable distance.


Govinda’s also had attendance, but for take-out only. And that’s why I wanted to get that floor done, along with the adjoining washroom, before the patrons came in.


I always feel better, tons better, when the place is hygiene-clean and tidy. I got peace of mind. I also know how our guru, Prabhupada, felt about our cleanliness. It’s next to Godliness. He actually made a point about it and that was before we secured this building, a former Christian church. That was in ‘75. His remark was that the space must be clean, once we got the building, otherwise rats will come.


I guess we must see the temple/ashram as a deity itself. Most certainly it is the house of Krishna and, therefore, deserves our love and attention.


I went to sleep, woke up early, and took a walk through our first snowfall.


May the Source be with you!

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