Saturday, 14 November 2020

Friday, November 13th, 2020

Toronto, Ontario




Some of my dear friends hail from Cleveland. One outstanding person was American born; a monk of amiable character. His name was Bhakti Tirtha Swami. Another person from the same town was a saintly lady, Krsnanandini. She passed away this morning after a bout with cancer. I wrote a poem in her honour.




A motherly type of moral strength

A person whose devotion was of great length

It was hard for her to see others suffer

Her words and actions were always a buffer

Always there to encourage the other

She was the soul sister; Tariq, the soul brother

Believing in the family as the human backbone

Was a solution to those prone to be alone

Interfaith work was to bring the holy together

It is love that is the thing that acts as a tether

A speaker, a teacher and everyone’s friend

A devotee whose love for humanity comes to no end

An inspiration, and surely Prabhupada’s daughter

He gave such mercy in all he taught her

She will leave sublime memories behind

We’ll oblige to please her by being very kind


May the Source be with you!


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