Saturday, 14 November 2020

Thursday, November 12th, 2020

Yorkville, Toronto


Moosey Lights


I was walking and taking photos of a moose family, no the actual animals, which are the largest of the deer family, but effigies of the clan made entirely of white lights. I was in the middle of snapping shots from my phone when Godbrother, Krishna das, from Lindsay, called to talk about Diwali, the festival of lights.


Apparently he and I, as well as other God-siblings, will be conducting a Zoom presentation on the 18th. It is according to the Vedic calendar, the time of viewing lights and lamps and flaunting flames to commemorate what, to many folks in India, is the New Year. There is, including south-east Asia and those around the globe, more than a billion people who will honour Diwali, a celebration in remembrance of Rama, the avatar hero, who destroyed Ravana, virus personified. Upon Rama’s heroic return to his homeland, Ayodhya, he was greeted by so many lamps made of ghee wicks.


Diwali is a time of brightness and a time to get lit, for sure.


The location of the brilliant moose adorned the entrance of a huge condo building on Yorkville Avenue, and right next to it was the rustic looking fire station, also lit up, but only at the top of its tower.


Somehow or other, in a synchronized fashion, Christmas, which is traditionally decorated with lights in the night and with trees (a pagan custom), and our precious Diwali, from Vedic/Hindu practices, are both plugged in at the same time.


In any event I’m enjoying the festive spirit of the atmosphere, and it lit up my short but eventful walk.


May the Source be with you!

3 km


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