Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Saturday, November 7th, 2020

Toronto, Ontario




Much like yesterday, while I walked and turned corners, making my way in diverse directions, I came upon these two cyclists repeatedly.  Both they and I had the same thing in mind—don’t venture in a straight line but snake about. It was like a game of Snakes and Ladders, but we were avoiding the ladders.  Each time we bumped into each other it came as a surprise.


“Hey, there you are again!” type of thing.


It was an evening smile that repeated itself again and again.  I counted five times.  It seems that random wanderings can be synchronized.  I like these bright moments in the day or at night.


In the morning, at around 5:10am, those of us at the ashram were captured by a moment that always gives us a lift. It occurs during the time of tulasi puja, the honouring of the holy basil plant.  We sing/chant, circle around the plant, praising this sacred green one, and then end up in a period of dance.  It then becomes free-style at said time.  The few of us that are there (5 or 6) delight in our own little jig.  It is a moment where a smile comes to everyone’s face.  The moves are individual, unique and fun.  It is uplifting and makes our day.


For today I had my lift in the morning and capped off the day with another lift.  We sometimes use the phrase “feeling elevated.” Well, it is a bit like that.


May the Source be with you!


3 km


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