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Friday, July 28, 2017

Toronto, Ontario


One exciting event that is going on in the ashram is what is called The Guru/Disciple Course.  The course prepares one for life’s mission and to accept someone more experienced than oneself as teacher, especially in the area of the science of the self.  It might be considered as somewhat of a psychology class.  The role of such a mentor or teacher is to bring the student to a higher state of consciousness and to an enhanced awareness of Krishna.  The course is designed to improve the quality of students (disciples) and the quality of devotional relationships.

An important element in being educated about life itself is to demonstrate a very balanced life.  In fact, a good teacher (guru) is one who teaches by actions through leading that balanced life. 

One interesting dynamic is that while there exist so many gurus, guru is one.  This simply means that many gurus are giving lessons but the teachings are the same; the teaching is one.  It is the same philosophy coming down since time immemorial.  Param para is the term which refers to disciplic succession. Some discipline is involved in learning. Discipline is a derivative of the word ‘disciple’. 

Now, when I took my evening walk, I met John.  It was like yesterday, though I hadn’t seen him since he had come around our ashram in the ’90s.  John said, “Yah know, instead of me accepting all religions as being the same, as I did when I used to visit you, I now believe in Jesus.”

“I appreciate that you follow that discipline and all will be fine.”

John protested, “it’s not a discipline.  ‘I am the way, the truth and the life…’” (John 14:6)

At that moment, I began to move away from John as I could see he didn’t understand how to be an inclusive and friendly disciple of Jesus.

May the Source be with you!

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