Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

North York, Ontario

There and Back

“How long have you been a swami?” was the question coming from someone behind me.  I was in the subway commuter train when an unfamiliar male voice lodged the question.  I turned around and there was this tall, young fellow with dark hair and a beard, having the physical features of a model-yogi.

“Since ’84,” I answered.  “I’m a bhakti-yoga teacher.  I'm also a pilgrim and walked Canada four times.  I'm working on the U.S. now and left the road in Utah to be on a youth bus tour.  And you?  Do you teach yoga?”

“I was trained by the Self-Realization Fellowship, but I have a teacher.  I’m not teaching.  I’ve got two little ones to look after.  I'm Neil.”


“And I’m Bhaktimarga Swami, the Walking Monk.”

I had actually been to visit Rupanuga up in the Finch area at the ‘Kiss and Ride’.  At his home, we chatted endlessly about how to introduce more mentoring and counselling into our communities in Canada.  There is a need—a great, great need.  More training, more education need to be implemented.  We were both excited about the prospects of doing so.  He heads up a team for proposing and planning enhanced care for devotees, in this field.

In any event, I finally made it to the ashram via subway and walking, in part.  I got home.  I received a call from my youngest sister, Pauline.

“Why don’t you come over?  Connie’s here.”

Connie is junior to me but the oldest sister.
“How do I get there?”

“You can come on the subway.  Connie will pick you up at the end of the subway line—at Finch—at the ‘Kiss and Ride’.

Alright.  I just came from there.

This time I might just kiss.

May the Source be with you!
10 km

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