Sunday, 16 July 2017

Saturday, July 15th, 2017

Toronto, Ontario

Destroy What’s Bad

Due to the extensive flooding that occurred on the Toronto Islands, the usual location of the annual Festival of Chariots / India, a new venue was secured.  Next to Sugar Beach at the city’s waterfront in a new condo district.  Not yet occupied as a residential area, the space was available to our organizers.  Out east here, there have been record-breaking watery days.  The earth and the weather are going through incredible changes.

The procession went well but for a few glitches with sound.  This walk, combined with stage, display units, boutique and more, make up the festival—a party of a unique kind, free from booze.

Regarding make-up, our young men from the youth bus tour had their first crack at eye accentuation.  I told them that the stage lights wash out your face.  “Certain areas of the face need to be defined.”

At age ten to sixteen, you are going to get some abrasive reactions in the beginning.  But they surrendered, and in terms of performance and what was an actual dress rehearsal, they scored well.  Raj, who played Krishna, is a natural.  Rakta, he is a good build but needs to develop those emotional elements for the role of Arjuna.

With time, all will come together.  In fact, the script for “The Gita” includes the famous, profound line, “Time I am, destroyer of what is bad (the Kauravas).”

Through devotional service, all that’s inauspicious will be dissolved in the message of “The Gita.”

May the Source be with you!

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