Thursday, 27 July 2017

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Edmonton, Alberta

Clearing the Mind Through Order

It was brief, walking the industrial park in the Mill Woods area and then the Little India section of shops, with masala smells in the air.  For any walk, short or lengthy, one of the principle reasons for stepping along is to get some clearing in the head.  Time taken indoors has its value, but it’s the balance which comes from being outdoors that seems to make a day complete.

I had spent some time in the morning relieving clutter and disorder in the temple room of the Radha Govinda Cultural Centre.  It’s actually tough for me to sit in the house of God and expect to chant peacefully when there’s even partial disarray.  My mind is cleared through “order.”  I confess my own personal room back home could use some love as well, but when people need to meditate it must be neat.  Getting chairs and plants in their place was what I modestly worked at.

There, now that’s better! I felt good after shifting items.

Upon returning from the short walk, I got a chance to see if my re-positioning of things was right-on.  Walking is great like that.  It gives you the space and time to re-assess things.  So I came back and saw the work done, including the opening of windows, allowing plants maximum light, and it was good.

I didn’t come to Edmonton to re-vamp this venue but necessity ruled my time.  A second short walk with three companions also allowed for a clearing of clutter.  When you see a weed, you may want to pull it out.  With the Lambs Quarters plants which Ekalavya and I spotted near the saree shop, we immediately took action.  Two healthy plants got yanked out and we felt great, because the leaves of the plants are better in the stomach than as the growth between the cracks of a sidewalk.  They got cooked up and they were absolutely delicious.

May the Source be with you!

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