Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Toronto, Ontario

Walking Through the New and Old

Now, this nice brahman (priest) by the name of Ramanada invites a group of us monks, residents of the ashram, to his home in Markham, one day every year for pizza.  The delight is on for the eight of us.  We are enthusiasts for the change of pace.  Many slices went down the tubular sections of our bodies, in addition to some good home-made soup.

Yes, it was a knock-out, and a little snooze on the couch—well-deserved for the hard work of consumption.

Ramananda and I talked about country living where there’s more green and peace.  We were actually more than dreaming.  It is not just a concept but a step away from reality.  All that’s required is to conscript another small number of like-minded souls to buy into or commit to a plan.

Incidentally, Karuna, a younger monk in the ashram, and I walked, out of curiosity, to Sherborne Commons, off of Lake Ontario.  It will be this year’s site of one of North America’s largest Chariot Festivals.  The usual spot, the Toronto Islands, are flooded due to excessive rain.

Here’s what we discovered as we ambled through neighbourhoods, and then back to the ashram.  The city is serious about creating green spaces for families in the downtown area.  Of course, everyone’s out and about because it’s summertime.  The smells are great.  The colours are green and rich.  Mind you, the concrete does exist, but it is broken by patches of play and relaxation areas.

The city is wisening up.  Also, I led Karuna to 187 Gerrard Street—now a house—formerly a temple of forty  residents, where I joined in ’73.  Going down a good Memory Lane is worth the walk.

May the Source be with you!

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