Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Edmonton, Alberta

Checking Things Out

A small contingent of Krishna devotees and I went scouting areas of Edmonton for a new possible future location for a summerfest that we would host.  Currently, the annual event is promoted as “Chariot Festival of Edmonton” and the route for the procession has been in an industrial park, on a Saturday, with a late-morning time-frame.  Little activity occurs in this Mill Woods section of the city, at that time.  It is an impetus to re-think location wise.

After driving through the Whyte Avenue area and Churchill Plaza, and talking it over, we came to the conclusion that perhaps two events would be better than one.  You have two audiences to cater to—the South East Asian group who relate to a Chariot Festival, and then everybody else who could more easily digest a health food / kirtan event.  It’s something we are seriously considering.

From our travels in Edmonton, after looking and deliberating, Bala Krishna, the temple co-ordinator, drove our group to the house of a very refined elderly couple living in the Sherwood area.  Our purpose there was to give a personal invite to the upcoming Chariot Festival as it is currently.  We had a super-enlivening discussion, especially on the matter of the Sanskrit phrase tat tvam asi which translates as “I am.”  The question arose as to whether our atma (soul) merges into a oneness reality, at the time of moksha (liberation), or does the atma retain individuality, once freed from this cycle of birth and death?

Very Interesting!

May the Source (not the Force) be with you!

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