Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

Russell, Ontario

New School

In this modest-sized town, a bedroom community of Canada’s capital, a small Krishna devotee nook is developing which includes a Montessori school with a Vedic edge to it.  As a monk, I have an obligation to give moral support to such an endeavour.

Heading up this noble task of educating a younger generation is Vrajabhumi, with the project funded and facilitated by Krishna Dulal, her husband.  The school has been running now for one year and is called the the Bhakta Prahlad Primary school.  Plans are to expand.

Our gathering this morning with the nine students was an actual graduation for the young ones.  Naturally all of us adults, parents, friends and ascetics were charmed by their presentation, including the launching of their CD called “Chant Together.”  The sound is crisp and clean—heart pulling.  The sound of innocence.  The sound of angels is how it also registers with me.

It’s just too bad that kids have to grow up.  It’s impossible to change the pattern.  You just can’t be a Peter Pan forever.  After all, Sri Krishna sees to the cyclic pattern of the six changes, beginning with birth to the death bell, and then repeating this circle game once again—the game of nature called samsara, designed to work toward refinement.

I wish the school all success, especially for its upcoming second year after the summer break.

At our gathering, one member, Raymond, presented a concept for an eco-village project.  It sounded good.

May the Source be with you!

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