Thursday, 6 July 2017

Wednesday July 5, 2017

Vancouver, British Columbia

Not The Good Fortune

I did not have the good fortune to walk today. I sat at Toronto’s terminal and then again, while flying. It was not the glorious flight like you might have seen of Vishnu standing on the back of the great eagle bird-carrier, Garuda, but Air Canada that took me into the friendly skies.

Now, the passenger next to me was reading a book: its title, I don’t recall. She shared with me the pages open for her reading. With a quick glance, I picked up a few words and sentences. The word Buddha popped up, as well as Meister Eckhart.

My newly-made friend was gleaning from the chapter she was reading that egoism is not an alternative to life. “Self-centredness is unhealthy for the world” was the gist of what was behind the message.

She found it just fascinating that I was in orange robes and sitting next to her. She thought I might be close to the author in some respects. I helped to clarify.

“Here’s my card. I’m a Hare Krishna monk. We believe in a Creator, a Higher Power, and we identify with the atma, the soul. I’m not a Buddhist who tends to deny a Supreme Person or the atma.”

“Well, I didn’t’ know that.”

“I’m totally content to  believe I’m a permanent spirit with no beginning and no end. Oh, and ego must go.”

She thanked me for sharing.

May the Source be with you.
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