Friday, 14 July 2017

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Russell, Ontario

This Trail

This trail is quite the well-maintained path, running between the towns of Russell and Embrun. It’s canopied with deciduous trees and has a creek at its side. Flat is the land. It makes it smooth for sauntering. Poison ivy lines the edges which keeps humans out, but on the trail. Another downside is the healthy presence of mosquitoes, but truly if you keep moving you’ll be okay.

I used the trail as my office. With my cell phone, I get all business taken care of. No traffic could disturb me. It was a trek in solitude for a two hour chunk of the afternoon.

I usually get thrilled when I see a town such as Russell get progressive by providing alternatives for walkers and cyclists.

Lorrel Elian of Saskatoon conducted a one hour live interview this evening. It’s a regular broadcast / podcast, explaining the topic of transformation.  She, like myself, was raised on a farm. Rodeo was the culture she was groomed in. She told me she married a cowboy. I’ve met Larry before. He’s a very passive person.

I’m mentioning these points since, as cattle farmers, we’ve transformed, Larry, Lorrel and I. Going from hard to gentle is definitely a change. In regard to hardness, there is a place for it. It’s always a decent practice to be hard or firm on yourself but light on others. People will get inspired by another’s self-discipline. Example is better than precept.

May the Source be with you!

10 km

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