Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Monday, July 24th, 2017

Calgary, Alberta

At Olympic Plaza

I really wanted to do the grassroots Hare Krishna thing, something we call Hari Nam Sankirtan.  Basically we’re talking about picking up the drum (mrdunga), the cymbals (kartals), harmonium (pump organ) and ourselves.  So it was done.

Our venue was Olympic Plaza across from City Hall where people linger and relax.  Catching the tail-end of the lunch hour, more than a dozen Krishnas, mostly females, made it to that cozy place, and we placed our madras over the grass.  The chanting began and two young women from amongst us took to dancing to the beat.

The beat is what brought the attention.  Folks came over to our side of the plaza to sit, listen and absorb.  Moms and dads with babies in strollers stopped for their toddlers to not miss the show.

Our theme naturally was “togetherness,” or “wholesomeness.”  This is the yuga-dharma, the function for the age.  It’s universal.  It’s outreach.  It’s sharing.

After the two hours of kirtan I got reacquainted with Dave Schultz, the produce of “The Longest Road,” a documentary released in 2002 that is all about the Trans-Canada Highway and how it negatively and positively impacted people’s lives.  I am featured in it numerous times.  It was broadcast annually on Canadian television.

Dave came over for prasadam, our blessed food.  He loved it.  We chatted.

May the Source be with you!

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