Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Monday, July 17th, 2017

Serpent River, Ontario

By the Serpent

There, it was nice on the feet, feeling the moss under them, as well as grass, twigs and stones.  Some spots were wet, some dry.  We were all barefoot, feeling the same sensations underneath in the park at Serpent River, the youth’s annual place to chill after a hectic but elated time in Toronto.

Unique about the river itself is the way it twists—it actually snakes around.  At the end of the rapids, I traditionally dip in and allow the current to give way to the natural water-slide which then pushes you farther into an easy-going whirlpool.

The boys love it.  They took advantage of a canoe left for use.  This is native territory and perhaps the conveyance is shared by those who can appreciate its purpose.  There’s thirty of them (the boys) and then adults to guide and supervise.  I wish there had been a Conscious program for guys like me when I was a young teen.

As usual, I'm not one to wait for everyone to get ready for the next destination.  I mentioned to Kish that I needed to get some more serious walking in than an amble on the moss.

“How long before you pick me up, going westbound?” I asked Kish, the person mainly in charge.

“Oh, about two or three hours.”


It ended up being five.  By 10:00 p.m. I was ready to ascend those steps in the bus.  But in the meantime, on my five hour walk, I had the pleasure to view the old brittle rock of “the Shield,” as they say.  To be with the white pine and to hear the white-throated sparrow, a bird of the north.  I became oblivious to the traffic sounds along this stretch of the Trans Canada Highway.  It’s the sounds and sights of God that are  there to cherish.

May the Source be with you!

20 km

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