Monday, 24 July 2017

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Calgary, Alberta

To Calgary

It was a long haul to Calgary via a zigzag route—seven hours plus.  Sadly, with this destination, it concludes my trip on the youth bus, which has marked on its side, “The Krishna Culture Festival.”

Manoram, with a later switch to Mukunda, were the overnight drivers through Alberta’s badlands and flatlands of pasture and canola fields.

I said “sadly” because I will miss the company of the young men, ages 10-17, along with their archangels.  It really is a good program, even though, for those of us who are categorized as “older” it’s a challenge to contend with the wild energy.  On the other hand, you have in your midst a powerhouse of hope, anticipation, talent and explosive dynamics in the form of these young guys.

In our morning session in Saskatoon, I was asked to speak about the hormonal power of a young person at puberty and beyond, and how to channel this interesting appetite, favourably.  They listened.  This morning, time didn’t allow.  We arrived in Calgary and swiftly took our morning showers to ready ourselves for the Ratha Yatra.  Naheed Nenshi, Calgary’s mayor, was there.  He took the ornate broom and did the traditional sweep before the chariot rolled along.

8th Avenue is a bustling pedestrian-only street, so ideal for our festival.  The prasadam food was of good quality, at the park behind the Mehwata Armory, with a decent vegan option.  Our boys did a great final performance of “The Gita” with me.

May the Source be with you!

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