Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Pelee Island, Ontario

Leisure Day

A number of us from the U.S. and Canada came to this island for a physical and spiritual boost.  From Ohio, we had families from Cleveland and Hudson; from Michigan, Detroit; and from Ontario, Windsor, Leamington and Toronto.

This southernmost piece of Canada, set in Lake Erie, is referred to as an ecological gem with rare plants and animals.  But our group was not poised to try to spot those unique cacti or salamanders.  We were here to have a sanga, an association of sorts that summer can easily encourage.  It is a city escape, a stepping into solitude.  On day one, our group took to the lake for a crazy swim, fighting the waves.  Two from our collective, I had practically coerced into coming to the island, and once those waves came at them, all the urban woes that could haunt them were knocked out of their existence.  They lit up.

We ate good prasadam and had ice-breaking sessions.  We ended up talking about Krishna’s pulling his warrior friend, Arjuna, out of the doldrums.  This was really a therapeutic experiential.

Our stay was at a resort, Harmony House, edged along the water on the south side.  On previous visits here, we might have camped by a small beach, but Mike and Purnamasi, from Cleveland, arranged this green haven for us.  Simply put, a little planning for taking care of a community’s needs is essential for its well-being.

Indeed, the Great Spirit (Krishna) was smiling on us.

May the Source be with you!

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