Friday, 4 August 2017

Thursday, Aug 3rd, 2017

Spanish Fork, Utah

Gifts, Luck and the Radio

Luke from DC and his girlfriend from New Jersey were stuck on Highway 6.  It was a flat tire that troubled them.  There was no reception on their phone but there was on mine.  I happened to be there, when they were in distress, and they asked for help.  Hayagriva, my support, came to further assist.  Their spare was useless.  Because of our help, the couple paid for our full tank of gas—a generous gift—after AAA (triple A) came to the rescue.

I received a second gift from them—a magic card with Legendary Creature “Human Monk, Narset, Enlightened Master.”  Is that good luck?  I’m not sure.

But one woman, a motorist, gave me water and a crystal.  Will that bring me good luck?  I do have Krishna’s mercy, and that should be good enough, yet I might consider all these gifts to be that mercy, including the water.  The several ride offers I received, I feel, are signs of compassion.  Kind gestures for sure.

I managed to get in a morning interview with Frank and Taylor on KUSA FM 100 radio in Price City.  Frank introduced me on the air waves as a “Hare Krishna monk.”  To date, he’s the first radio announcer to ever get my initiated name right.  He said it perfectly.  Over the air I said, “I’m impressed.”

Frank asked about me.

“Well, I became a monk in 1973.”

“That’s before I was born.”

“When you were in another body,” I added.

He asked about adventures on the road.  My eyes were on a picture of a badger pinned on the studio wall when he asked me.

“Well, I came upon a badger but he hadn’t made it across the road.  A car was the culprit.  It’s car country.  Cars have taken out our sense of neighbourliness (humanity / sensitivity).”

May the Source be with you!

20 mi

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