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Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Helper, Utah

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Life is indeed tough.  Some bitter news came to me in the latter part of the day—the loss of life of one of our young members from our Montreal community.  He was 33.  Basab Chaudury was a bright star and a very special and mild but committed devotee.  He died suddenly from a condition of brain infection.  Please pray.  His dad Samir, and devotional family will miss him dearly.

Yes, prayerful chanting occupied my second segment of today’s walk.  I’m back at it again.  The other three companions turned out redder than I from sun exposure.

I had picked up from where I left off a month ago.  I find myself on a busy Highway #6, westbound toward Spanish Fork.  I called my dear friend, Charu.  He said, “You’re in the most intriguing part of Utah with its mountain formations.”  One, the “balance rock,” is this huge natural-cut rock that is suspended by a feeble foundation.  How it’s held up, only God knows.  It’s awe-inspiring!

Many motorists stopped to wonder about our little walking brigade as I had my guys with me.  Ride offers came along with their curiosity.  We had it good on this first day back on track.

Some, on other sets of legs and hooves, didn’t move so well.  It was a mama deer with her two calves that were bouncing along very near to us.  Unfortunately, mama leaped a fence that her young ones couldn’t scale so it left her bewildered when she carried on and then looked back to find them not there.  I believe instinct will bring them together or as we believe actually, paramatma (God in the heart) will lead them to reunion.

May the Source be with you!
21 miles

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