Thursday, 3 August 2017

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Soldier Summit, Utah

The Death and Life of Today

The wind was forceful, blowing my robes every which way.  That powerful air funnelled through these incredible rock formations.  It was still quite dark out, and rain, a teasing rain, came down—cold droplets.  I received a call on my cell in the course of this trekking through turbulence.

“He’s gone!” said the caller, Anubhava, from Montreal, in reference to Basab’s passing.

The sun did come up, so incrementally, and the wind died down.  Then an e-mail from a friend.  “Could you please pray for my father, age 84, who just left his body this morning.  He died from cancer.”

Deer and prairie dog are casualties.  A fresh deer carcass lay by the road and the totalled car that hit the deer.  The impact may have killed the car, too.  A front tire came off the axle and the engine is done.

The theme of this morning was so obviously “death,” and “turbulence,” but it all became easily replaced by life, sunshine and then there was Rick.

Rick is a writer with the Sun Advocate in Price City.  He was really intrigued with our walking project, its intent, the adventure behind it and the tales I was able to relay to him.  “The tremendous benefit of moving one foot forward and then swinging the adjacent one forward—the simple stepping procedure we take so much for granted—is there for all,” I said.

I felt like I was making him feel guilty because as he admitted, he felt the need to walk more.  A real gentleman, he is.  He gave a lift to the day.  Thanks!

May the Source be with you!

20 mi

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