Thursday, 22 April 2010

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010


Denver, Colorado

One hour trek up and down Colfax Ave. was about all I could squeeze in for walking today. My trip to Denver was terminating. It was a great visit and it’s always sad to have to leave a good place. Just before departing I sat to hear the Bhagavatam speaker for the day, a senior devotee here. He asked for questions or comments from those of us who listened. I raised my hand and said that I have a comment.

“I’ve been enjoying following the details of King Rantideva and his outstanding approach to sacrifice. I’m just a bit disappointed that his story about dividing the little he had to others and leaving virtually with nothing for himself ended so abruptly. I wanted to know more about him. It seems that the author Vyasa decided that was enough and that we may need to search in other Puranas if we thirsted for more of drinking such nectar.”

The person speaking made no comment. We were left hanging there. As I rushed for the ride to the airport and being driven by newlyweds Jagannatha and Vicki, I was requested by several devotees to please come to Denver again. “It’s nice to be wanted,” I thought. “I’d love to. We’ll see what the plan-maker has in store.”

Finally when flying in that big big wide open space we call ‘the sky’, after hearing that planes were grounded in eastern Canada for the Icelandic volcano ash debris in the air, I pondered on how fragile these aircraft machines are. If one of these huge ash pieces would be stuck in our plane’s engine, we would be doomed.

It’s the nature of material existence. It is so fragile. Therefore, let’s intensify our mood of surrender and get the protection we need.

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