Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Forms of Green

Toronto, Ontario

One of our preferred routes for walking in the morning is Milkman’s Lane in a forested area leading up to Chorley Park. The hardwood trees are dressing themselves in green after a winter’s nakedness. They are soft lime tints and will later be a darkened green as the season of spring progresses. The same dynamic is occurring on the forest floor. Rich hues have seeped through the black earth leaving soft textures of grasses and infant plants. Trees have also been shedding trillions of kernels, the first buds, as if to say that this is the true “fall season” and not what people call autumn.

This is what the eyes see. The mind’s eye sees something else and can be less pretty which is the reason for chanting while walking through these green giants. Chanting keeps you “connected” to the source of all such sublime surroundings. Yes, even though being in an apparent heaven, our mental component can sway and swerve away from our purpose. The mind can be exceedingly naughty.

Speaking of naughtiness, a division of the government is pushing to legalize many people’s favourite “green” – marijuana. There is a large public support for this effort. There is equally powerful opposition. Supporters for the cannabis smoking gathered at the downtown Dundas Square and that’s what they did. I was told the clouds were thick. The woman from the health ministry who supports the legalization of ganja use has been receiving death threats. It doesn’t look so good for the “gross” addicts.

It is known that Shiva, the god of destruction, does on occasion engage in some ganja, but it is not recommended to follow this green procedure just as it not koshered to swallow an ocean of poison as he has done.

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