Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Stepping Up

Montreal, Quebec

Jacynthe is a very strong devotional woman who is a teacher of philosophy. I asked her if she likes the philosophy of Krishna. And she said she indeed does. She was one of three people to come forward today to formally accept initiation into the membership of Krishna’s family. She made sure to invite her 25 yr. old son to see the ceremony. He was very happy for her.

Another person, Jordan, from British Columbia originally, made the commitment as well. He did a very good job dealing with sound and light technical doings of the previous night’s show “Natakam”. Jordan was shining and he donned saffron, the monk’s colour, for the first time today.

Finally Marie Jose from the area near Mont Tremblant ski district also accepted being a participant in the vow making ceremony of no meat eating, no gambling, no intoxicants and no casual sex. Marie, I found out, is great at her garden but I first got to know her years ago when she, her husband, and I took to an extended walk in the bush.

Two fine French Canadian ladies and one English Canadian monk stepped up to the occasion before and exciting group of Sunday attendees followed by an arati (an ancient rite) and a class delivered en englais by myself and a class presented en francais by a dear god-brother, Laksminath. There have been discourses in Hispanol because of the growing Spanish speaking community and so the mood is to accommodate people as much as possible making them feel comfortable to enter the spiritual abode of the temple and the great world beyond.

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