Saturday, 17 April 2010

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Walking Three Cities


I followed a Cleveland ravine’s road. It was before the rise of the sun. An owl’s hoot kept me company. Then later, homeward bound, at Niagara, I met a man who asked if I’m Buddhist. His girlfriend is teaching him reiki and higher consciousness. “She’s doing the right thing regarding higher consciousness,” I said. Then back in Toronto I trekked some more, this time with the Penn boys (from Pennsylvania). I showed them my training trail for the cross country walks. I do that to newcomers to the city. It’s almost like an initiation.

The Penn boys are Godruma Gaur and Nitai, two talented young men I’ve solicited from the Port Royal farm in Pennsylvania to consolidate a focused theatre company. I’m asking the Lord of higher consciousness, Krishna, to please bless our little company and in doing so please our guru and contribute something to the world of dark concentration.

Our motive is ‘enterlightenment’, or enlighten through entertainment. There is a great demand for both. Why not marry the two? I’m anticipating a happy marriage with this project. Of course, we will need blessings from all

17 KM

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