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Monday, April 12th, 2010

Read and Experience

Port Royal, Pennsylvania

It’s the older trees that show gauges; perfect holes created by the woodpeckers. You can hear them too. They are tapping away at a high frequency level. I prefer the true route for walking, a short cut to the Gita Nagari temple, over the regular road. You see more. The turkey vulture soars above. A second one commonly glides with his mate. Critters of many sorts rustle over the previous fall’s dried leaves to make hissing sounds. You are not alone ever in the forest. You’ve always got company.

The Gita Nagari’s youth were invited to take part in a gathering for a drama workshop. I agreed to conduct a more or less improvised session with these young teens. The participants that came, twenty-five or so, got quite excited after seeing the previous night’s performance of our devotional drama, a slick and economical piece (only three actors required). Our little workshop get-together maintained a Krishna based exercise of fun training. It began with each youth demonstrating their own rendition of mime by taking the ego and commanding it to exit out of the room. It’s surprising how original everyone was with their own individual method.

The Creator gave us their individuality to spare us from monotony. We read in the Vedas that the world of Vaikuntha, where the soul retires from mundane life, there is a complete array of variegated beauty – gorgeous forests and zesty youthfulness in every dimension. What you read about in this final destination creates a kind of wholesome craving. You read and you end up wanting to go there.

In the life of a monk or anyone for that matter, who is on the spiritual path it is imperative that one reads or hears about the world of liberation. And it always helps to experience a little portion of nature which so well reflects that perfect world.

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