Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

The Beauty of Guilt

Port Royal, Pennsylvania

I felt a little guilty about being a half hour late for morning program beginning at 4:30 AM. My trek to the temple is only fifteen minutes away from the home of hosts Pariksit and Anasuya. The previous night I took to some foot care, Epsom water soaking, etc. The feet loved the attention and pushed for extra rest.

A Bhagavatam discussion amongst a small group of us was in reference to the story of Ajamila, a Brahmin who had become criminal in his dealings. At the tail end of his life he expressed regret and began to communicate with Vishnu. He definitely felt guilty.

After the discussion I looked out the window and caught a glance of something inspirational. Some Amish men were at work constructing a retreat home for pilgrim guests. This is a project undertaken by our devotees who have contracted the work out to them. I asked the few of the morning’s attendees to look out the window and suggested that this is how we all need to work together. “Look at that. They are expert. They know what they are doing. They are all busy and are totally cohesive in their efforts. They even all wear the same traditional clothes and hats.”

The principle is important. Not all people will become builders but we can take from example the spirit of cooperation.

I guess it’s good to feel a little guilt sometimes.

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