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Friday, April 16th, 2010

God Who Ran

Denver, Colorado

Speaking of matrimony, I'm in Denver to attend a marriage and to give the speech during its ceremony. I explained my reason for being here both to the U.S. Customs officer at the airport and later the lady sitting next to me during the flight. I got the same remark from both, "Good luck with your marriage!" It was a sentence that didn't sound so cogent to say to a monk. Of course, all was said with good intent.

To pick me up came the local Krishna temple coordinator, Tusta Krishna, he told me of his own past walking adventure. It was not exactly an escapade but a serious nine-month walk from the U.S. east coast to Nevada with forty other people. Tusta took meditative moments to immerse himself in the Bhagavad-gita during break times. Its powerful message convinced him to commit to the mission of Krishna Consciousness. (Referring again to the customs officer---he made the remark to me that walking is reflective).

Tusta and Prasanta, a young chap from Baltimore, and I took to a trek for an hour to a distance where the towering Rockies could be seen. I like the neighbourhood. The residential sidewalks leave much to be desired though. They are narrow and insist on single-filing. Backyard alley routes become our favoured routes.

Tusta asked if I would give a class in the evening to which I consented. His chosen topic was the story of Krishna as Ranchor or another way to put it "God who ran." I had never before thought of the linguistic similarity between the Sanskrit and English. We hear of pastimes of His walking through the streets of Dwarka or Mathura but lo and behold there is this significant event that occurred in His life where He ran to meet Princess Rukmini.

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