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Monday, April 19th, 2010

Spirituality Includes Humanitarianism

Denver, Colorado

This morning I took the bold stretch of walking on Colfax to Logan (downtown) just past Cheeky Monk’s Tavern and back. A part two of walking happened with two young monks, Peter and Nirav, and two family men. We ventured on the trail called Cherry Park along a creek being the mountain run-off from the Rockies. The first trek (very early) was very much under the influence of rajas, (passion) and tamas (darkness). The second one (midday) was in the atmosphere of sattva (goodness). But the mantra to accompany each walk made it all the same.

When looking at Cherry Creek we saw the water rush by more speedily in some areas than others. Life is like the creek. Sometimes we move on with a focus and determination and then sometimes there is greater hesitation. We then flow cautiously but we keep flowing. To quote a Buddhist saying, “If we are focusing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”

Our classes in the morning have been on the subject of a king, Rantidev. It is fully inspiring. His story is to do with sweet surrender to Vishnu primarily but it also touches on the relevant topics of hospitality to others such as seeing all guests as God coming to visit. We addressed the humanitarian element which is a natural component to essential spiritual strength. We are talking about being compassionate, warm, considerate and sacrificial living beings. How does this sound?

To be holy one must first have a hardy hold on the whole holistic side of wholesomeness. Otherwise count on there being a big HOLE.

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