Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Denver, Colorado

It was the after-effects of Saturday night fever. They were a sight to see. Two drunkards came my way---one shuffling his feet on the sidewalk and the other staggering. But they did give a boisterous “Hare Krishna!”

Further east on 14th Avenue I trekked when police officers wished me a good day. The newspaper man waved a generous greeting with his hand as he ran swiftly to an oncoming porch. People’s mood is good. Spring, the season, may have something to do with it.

A Bible Church has affixed to its exterior wall a sign reading, “God’s Word Your Walk!” In other words, when the Divine speaks take the advice. Act upon it.

A talk I gave in the morning and in the evening triggered questions such as “What is sincerity?” “Can you be a Catholic and a Krishna follower at the same time?” and “How can I tackle my ego?”

I had lunch with God brothers and sisters. We discussed the role of guru in our lives. I also met individuals to do with either more casual talk as well as did some counseling. It was a full day but in between people connections I managed five kilometers here and five kilometers there on foot. The visuals were spring-like. People in their gardens. Bees buzzed at blossoms. The air was great and the sun strong.

What really struck out in my mind as prominent for the day was conversing with a devotee scientist. His proposal to the scientific world he entitles as “Perfect Compressibility.” In short he is proving mathematically that God does in fact exist. I listened to him with intense interest. I really do believe he is on to something.

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