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Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Techniques According to Country, Time, Etc.

Toronto, Ontario

It is not always just the physical benefits that are derived from walking that counts, it’s also the thoughts that go along with motion that puts quality into the walk. After reading a passage from the book “Chaitanya Charitamrita” I carried with me an appreciation of our Guru that makes him great. In the passage we find endorsed the practical innovator that comes from the shining mind of a unique person. I’ll share this passage. Here it is from C.C., M.L. 23.105:

“It is not necessary that the rules and regulations followed in India be exactly the same as those in Europe, America and other Western countries. Simply imitating without effect is called niyamagraha. Not following the regulative principles but instead living extravagantly is also called niyamagraha. The word niyama means “regulative principles”, and agraha means “not to accept”. We should not follow the regulative principles without an effect, nor should we fail to accept the regulative principles. What is required is a special technique according to country, time and candidate. Without the sanction of the spiritual master, we should not try to imitate.

Much is said here in regards to what must stay and can go as well as what can substitute by way of ‘technique’. This excerpt certainly underscores the need for innovation, openness and intelligent creativity. These items along with sincerity of purpose become the ingredients for success in the implementation of the bhakti or devotional practices.

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