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Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Hope in the Fields

Port Royal, Pennsylvania

I admit to being as sucker for vintage stuff. Whenever spending time at the Gita Nagari farm, I make a deliberate effort to stroll along the Juniata River via the Covered Bridge Rd. and then through the covered bridge itself. The walks on the property itself are idyllic. Peacocks abound. It’s peaceful. You are away from traffic. And now comfrey, wild mustard, dandelion and other vegetation have exploded their way through the earth to become full blown products of natural value.

In reality this extremely fertile property had fallen into neglect. Barn maintenance is down and the asset that lies in the soil has been underused. Lo and behold new management is sinking much energy into great organic veggie planting. Some repair is underway in the primary residential building and two new cabins are being constructed for those who wish to experience a retreat in the countryside.

Just a week ago I was in South Africa at Gandhi’s original settlement called Satyagraha. His motive was to establish self sustenance on the one hundred acre property. Time wore those dreams away with the socio-political climate being what it was.

Gita Nagari, a similar attempt does have the facility and favourable cultural advantages around. The Amish are everywhere, and apart from the cattle-raising they have that agro-guru blood that has made them successful at working the land. Gita Nagari stands a chance to succeed. It is a sleeping giant just about to wake provided the integrity of initial intent is applied and social discord is kept at bay.

Our loving Guru, Srila Prabhupada, really wanted this community to be naturally dependant providing organic dairy products and edibles from the ground. All the power and blessings to Dhruva, the coordinator of the project and crew.

Oh! And another crew, our little drama troupe, staged “Lonely People”. They were phenomenally good.

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