Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Dirty Fingers

Montreal, Quebec

The day became jam-packed with communication, not on internet or on the phone but one-on-one dialogue. How important that is to see the face of a person. It certainly beats face book. I tried to meet with individuals at a different park for each session. Sitting in the midst of green and having heart to heart communication has such extraordinary value. I was hearing of people’s plans, their dreams, their reviews and opinions. They sought blessings.

I became especially satisfied to see certain individuals become well-situated, as in plans for marriage. There were even those who spoke of anticipating securing land for farming it. To this I recommended start a garden first, work it, harvest the growth and then let’s see how that goes. I can help being a little sarcastic on the self-sufficient drivers. I don’t see such commitment. As soon as someone talks “self-sufficient” (as important as it is) the song, “Dream, dream, dream…..” From the Righteous Bros. starts brewing in the atmosphere. While I’m a great supporter of the “towards agro-centric life” I do raise a brow of skepticism as it is a strong commitment (with a capital C) that must be implemented in order to realize results.

To those who ponder living off the land I underscore start a garden and get your fingers dirty .

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